Ethereal Communication Spirit Board

Ethereal Communication Spirit Board


A powerful tool for connecting to those who reside beyond. Each letter has been drawn and meticulously burned freehand, imbuing this board with intention and magic from start to finish. Measures approximately 8”x10”, the perfect size for stashing in a tote bag for deep-woods communication. The board is sealed using a matte polyeurothane to protect the wood from general wear and tear, while maintaining its natural look and feel. I can attach a sawtooth hanger on the back by request if you don’t plan on using the board, but would like to display it on your wall.

This board does NOT come with a planchette (though I hope to make some soon!). You can use any small, typically round, object in its place if you don’t own one already. I like to use an antique silver coin, especially for a board like this that is a bit smaller with letters and numbers very close together. You could also use a poker chip, small shot glass, a clear quartz point, the options are endless. If you are hoping to connect with a specific spirit, consider using an object that belonged to them.

I am happy to take on custom spirit board requests. Feel free to send me a message or email with any inquiries.

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