About blackbird haüs

fire / wood / witchcraft

My name is Jean Grimmrobe, I am a queer eclectic witch living in a tiny house at the top of a hill in the Catskills of New York. You’ll most often find me hunched over my desk, a record spinning and smoke in the air, a hot cup of black coffee nearby. I am the sole creator, customer service rep, and shipment team behind the Haüs. Each piece is lovingly handled from start to finish by my own two hands, therefore each piece I sell comes with a little bit of myself and my heart, too.

I created Blackbird Haüs as a way to share the work that I love doing with others. I have the honor of working with wonderful witches to bring their ideas to life, meeting other inspiring creators who fuel me to be a better artist, and most humbling of all, I am blessed to to have my work be a part of others’ magick all over the world.

Thank you for finding me on this little corner of the web. Welcome to the Blackbird Haüs coven.

your support plants trees

Blackbird Haüs is now a partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation across the globe. As someone who works with wood, it seems only right to do my part to help plant trees in areas that need it most. For each item sold, from now until forever, I will plant a tree. Click the image below to learn more about One Tree Planted, where you can create fundraisers to plant trees of your own, or become a business partner like me.